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Milo Bloom Music Video BTS Notes

Last week I had the pleasure of working on a music video for Milo Bloom with Keith Fenter. (http://cargocollective.com/kfenter/) We are putting together the pieces of a music video in our spare time, so the music video is still a work in progress. The first night of shooting consisted of me running around backwards with an a7s and a glidecam on the streets of Los Angeles late at night. This a a low budget, no-permit shoot, but I find that as long as you stick to the sidewalks and don't stray onto private property you will generally go unharnessed. This is especially true with a small camera/crew footprint (our team consisted of just three). Most of downtown Los Angeles generally shuts down after 6:00PM, which makes this even easier, as there is less security around. The a7s is an absolute beast in low light and I shot almost all of the footage in SLOG-2 at 3200 ISO, which is it's base. Having such a light sensitive camera was great because I could shoot at 60fps AND stop down an entire stop. This sharpened up the old Nikon lenses I was using, and increased my depth of field, which is extremely helpful on a full frame camera such as the a7s. As you can see from this frame grab, shooting in available light has it's drawbacks. The 2nd street tunnel had an very nasty green spike, and even after correcting for it in camera there the skin tones look fugly. Alas, what I wouldn't do for a few million dollars to shut down the tunnel and change out the practicals. This is still a workable shot, just not very flattering when your skin turns into a de-saturated green.

All in all it was a lot of fun to put the a7s to the test and get out and shoot!

to be continued....